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      1. Hubei Sanjing Biotechnology Co., Ltd., formerly Wuhan Sanjing Chemical Co., Ltd., was established in June 1999. The company takes the research and development, production and sales of
        • Research

        • Production

        • Sale

        Provide faster and more efficient solutions



        In addition to the reproductive system of women and estrogen, many tissues and organs in the body have their target organs, such as the nervous system, cardiovascular system, bone, urinary system and so on.


        Progesterone is secreted by the granulosa luteal cells of the ovary, mainly progesterone (progesterone). Inactivated in the liver to estradiol, combined with glucuronic acid and excreted in the urine. Progestins often work on the basis of the action of estrogen.


        Sanjing focuses on research and exploration / Many partner schools / Technology Achieves Sales

        We take thinking innovation, technological innovation, and management innovation as scientific research goals. We have a product development and application technology experimental department, and we insist on investing a lot of money in product development every year.

        Through professional equipment and mature quality inspection methods, we introduce a high-quality workforce to produce products that satisfy customers.

        Research center

        Sanjing complete supporting facilities
        Grouped equipment

        The instrument room is equipped with high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, infrared spectrophotometer, electronic balance, automatic potentiometric titrator, automatic indicating polarimeter, melting point tester, moisture tester, etc. equipment.

        Advanced hardware facilities, strict quality control and perfect quality assurance system ensure Sanjing's first-class product quality.

        • High performance liquid chromatography

          Applying the principle of high performance liquid chromatography, it is mainly used for the analysis of high-boiling point, non-volatile, thermally unstable and large molecular weight organic compounds.

        • natural gas boiler

          The flame burns at a slight positive pressure in the large combustion chamber, fully stretched, with low combustion heat load and high combustion heat efficiency, effectively reducing the exhaust gas temperature, saving energy and reducing consumption.

        • Gas Chromatograph

          Gas chromatograph has the advantages of high sensitivity, high performance, high selectivity, fast analysis speed, less sample required, and wide application range.

        Hubei Sanjing Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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